Phd projects available with EARL include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Eating to fuel fertility: Investigating the influence of female nutrition on yolk provisioning, egg quality and offspring fitness in Australian myobatrachid frogs
  • Investigating sperm trait evolution, sperm-egg interactions and genetic incompatibility to improve artificial fertilisation success in Australian hylid frogs
  • Investigating the influence of sperm competition intensity on sperm behaviour and artificial fertilisation success
  • Investigating whether frogs show local adaptation or phenotypic plasticity in sperm traits, and whether knowledge of these adaptions can improve the success of artificial fertilisation

Students  will be based at the University of Wollongong , approximately 1.5 hours south of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Students will need to obtain a competitive PhD scholarship through the UOW. Scholarships include a tax-free stipend of $26,300 pa (indexed annually). Applicants must have a first class Honours degree, or a Master’s degree by research.  A strong academic record, research experience, and letters of recommendation from your past academic supervisor/s are essential. A first-authored peer-reviewed publication is highly desirable, but if you excel in other areas this is not a strict requirement.

The scholarship deadline for both domestic and  international applicants is mid- October annually. Interested applicants must email an expression of interest at least 2-months prior to the scholarship application deadline. Please send a CV, academic transcript and a one-page cover letter detailing your previous research experience and interest in one of the above topics: pbyrne@uow.edu.au AND asilla@uow.edu.au with “PhD opportunity” in the subject line.